Monday, May 21, 2012

at a snail's pace

So, it seems that because I need to be pregnant between August - October everything is permitted to move REEEEEEALLY slowly. It kind of nice though, not having to rush here and there trying to squeeze in so much before starting a period. What that means for the blog though, is that updates wont be quite as frequent as I'd hoped. I love seeing that so many people have visited though, and I hope that I am able to maintain such interest!

Anyway, I do have a small update.

The nurse coordinator at the fertility clinic got ahold of me, she said that everything looks good with my medical records. Whenever the agency gives the go ahead she'll schedule us for the medical workup - blood tests for both Johnathan and I, then a whole bunch of poking and prodding in my girly bits.

The other news is that the social worker came on Friday (May 11th) to do a home visit. I had to give her a tour of our house, and she took notes on this and that. One note I was kind of miffed about was "no sheets on bottom bunk" - like really? Aiden doesnt sleep on the bottom bunk, why do I need to keep it made up? Granted, it looks more presentable, but I dont know why she would note that... there were sheets on the top bunk, but she didnt even look up there. Then she sat at our table and asked us a bunch of questions: How long have you been married? How were your previous pregnancies? How do your friends and family feel about you doing surrogacy? Do you want to have any more kids? Y'know, normal interviewy type stuff. She said that she'd be writing her report and sending it back to the agency, but I have yet to hear from them.

So, thats it for now. I dont know when the next update will be, but it will be a day or so after whatever happens next :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

and the ball is rolling

So, I'm officially matched! Johnathan and I had a conference call with the intended parents and the coordinator from the agency on Saturday the 28th. It went as well as a call like that could go. They always feel a bit more like an interview than anything else. I was totally unprepared for the whole "tell us about yourself" portion of it. After the four of us giving a brief biography we got to the nitty gritty questions. It is vital that everyone is on the exact same page, no, paragraph about things like abortion, reduction, and other such touchy subjects. Once that is all out in the open, we were free to ask questions about how the relationship between us and them would go. It seems that it isnt going to be a butterflies and rainbows type of deal. They dont want to go to any of the appointments, but they do want contact with me throughout the pregnancy. She would like to be in the delivery room, but he is undecided. I'm glad that they were HONEST about the way they wanted things, rather than the whole "oh, we'd love to go to as many appointments as we can, blah blah blah..."

So, to conclude the call we were all told to think about the discussion and decide if we'd like to move forward with this as a match. I waited until Monday to email the agency, but the intended parents had made their decision within 10 minutes of ending the call. They couldnt wait to let our coordinator know that they liked me, which is a bit of an ego stroke for me.

Anywho, I'm writing this as I'm scanning my OB and fertility records from the last surrogacy. I got the contact information for the fertility center we'll be using. I greatly hope they dont require me to do a mock cycle, the fewer injections the better! We also are sending in our background check forms, and we have to have a social worker come and do a home visit. That's just going to have to wait for a couple weeks, my house is a wreck right now since we're moving on the 12th.