Thursday, June 21, 2012

Medical clearance, check!

Update! We had my medical / psych screening on Tuesday June 19th. The clinic is a few hours away from us, so the agency set us up in a hotel for the night prior. We were able to find someone to take care of our son that night and the day of the screening. We got to our hotel around 10:00 pm, ate dinner, then went to bed. I got up around 6, we ate breakfast at 7, and we got to the clinic at 8. The receptionist got us registered, then we waited until 8:45 when I got called back to get blood drawn. They're testing for 14 things, but I don't read lab code so I couldn't tell you what they're looking at - but it was 6 vials they drained from me. I really wished that I had drank some water before hand because the phlebotomist had to poke me twice. After my blood draw we waited a little longer and our nurse coordinator called us back to discuss how they do cycles at their clinic. Her and I hashed out that I needed to deliver during my summer break next year, and we figured out a tentative transfer date. We really didn't spend too much time with her since I've been through two IVF cycles already, and have a good idea of what to expect. When we left her office the lab tech was ready to draw my husband's blood, lucky guy only had to have 3 vials drawn. While he was doing that I gave a urine sample for drug testing. At about 10:15 the Doctor called us into his office. He asked us a series of questions, well mostly me, but Johnathan got to answer a few. He asked about things regarding my prior pregnancies, my history with IVF, my health habits - exercise, smoking, diet, etc. - then he very briefly went over the cycle plan that the clinic goes by (even though the nurse had already done that). He then excused Johnathan back to the waiting room, and brought me to an exam room. He started with a breast exam. He asked if I had breast fed for long, when I said no he replied "hm, you're quite deflated" - of course I just replied "yup" I'm quite aware of the crap job the guy did on my reduction. Anyway, he did a quick ultrasound from the outside - I really don't know why, he didn't measure or take any pictures. Then out came the speculum. I got a pap smear, then he used the ultrasound probe to measure my ovaries and the outside of my uterus. After all that he put a catheter into my uterus, and put the US probe back in. While he was looking around, the nurse filled my ute with saline solution so they could make sure I didn't have any issues with my lining. When he was done he left, and I got to sit and drain for a little while. When I felt like I was done leaking saline I got to get dressed and go back to the waiting area. We weren't in the waiting area long, the nurse took us back into her office to start the MMPI. It's a 567 item true / false questionnaire that tells the psychologist if we're crazy or not. I had to take it for both of my prior surrogacies, but this is the first time Johnathan had to. We got about 1/2 way done when the psychologist came to meet with us. She took us into another office and again we discussed what we expect from the cycle, our life style, my pregnancy and surrogacy history, how we feel about the parent's requirements. The meeting with her lasted about an hour, then we we left to finish the MMPIs. We left around 1:30, which is an hour and a half earlier than we were expecting. The next thing I need to do is meet with a high risk specialist for a preconception something or another. I guess I need a specialist OB to tell the clinic that he / she thinks if fit for pregnancy. This isn't something I've ever had to do, but I'm not too worried about it. After that it's contract time, and once that is complete I can start my cycle to get pregnant. So, there we go, everything is still moving along, albeit still slowly.

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